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Past speakers




Tuesday, Feb. 16                           Herbs – from the savoury to the sensual …. to deadly poison With Cathy Kavassalis


Tuesday, March 16                       Proud of my Pruning With Sean James


Tuesday, April 20                         Dirt & Bugs: the Glue that Holds Great Gardens Together  With Pat de Valence


Tuesday, May 18                          Building Biodiversity with Native Plants With Paul LaPorte


Tuesday, June 15                         Unsettling the Garden With Lorraine Johnston


Tuesday, July 20                          Retire your Lawnmower With Aileen Barclay ​


Tuesday, September 21               Golden Leaves and Goblins: easy fall and Hallowe’en -themed floral 

                                                        arrangements With Michael Erdman


Tuesday, October 19                    Fabulous Fungi: An introduction to Mushrooms and their Kin With David Hawke

Tuesday, November 16               Preparing your Garden to Welcome Winter Birds With Kristen Martyn



Tuesday, Feb. 18                           Highlights of the 2019 Buffalo Garden Walk With Valerie Liney

Tuesday, March 17                       (Cancelled event) Proud of my Pruning With Sean James


Tuesday, April 21                          (Cancelled event) Baffin Island  With Jay and Bev Thibert


Tuesday, May 19                           (Cancelled event) Building Biodiversity with Native Plants With Paul LaPorte


Tuesday, June 16                         (Cancelled event) Dry, our New Normal: Great Plants that live With Marion Jarvie


Tuesday, July 21                           (Cancelled event) Picture Perfect - Designing a Perennial Garden With Carol                                                                      Ditomaso

Tuesday, August 18                      (Cancelled event) The Evening Garden With Wolfegang Bonham

                                                        (Online event) Getting to Biodiversity With Cathy Kavassalis

Tuesday, September 15               (Online event) Garden of Regrets With Helen Battersby

Tuesday, October 20                   (Online event) Connecting Polar Bears to Carrots With Deborah Pearson

Tuesday, November 17                (Online event) A Look at the Lighter Side of Gardening With David Hobson

Monday, December 7                  (Online event) Fraud and Awareness Prevention With Tom Cheel 



Tuesday Feb 19th 2019               Movie Night "SEED: The Untold Story"

Tuesday Mar 19th 2019               Plants You Have Never Seen Before: Kim's Nature Wing

Tuesday Apr 16th 2019                Raised Bed Revolution- Raised Beds Rule: Tara Nolan 

Tuesday May 21st 2019               Water Gardens: Anna Leggatt

Tuesday June 18th 2019             Carefree Roses: Gloria Broks

Tuesday July 16th 2019               Leaning into Stone: John Shaw-Rimmington

Tuesday Aug 20th 2019              Workshops (no speaker)

Tuesday Sept 17th 2019              Creating an Interesting & Intriguing Garden: Wolfe Bonham

Tuesday Oct 15th 2019                Lie of a Bee in the Urban Mosaic: Charlotte de Keyzer

Tuesday Nov 19th 2019               Easy Floral Arrangements for the Holiday Season: Michael Erdman



Tuesday February 20th 2018            Go Wild: Make Your Garden a Habitat: Pat de Valence

Tuesday March 20th 2018                Time to Get Sowing: Donna McMaster

Tuesday April 17th 2018                    Fences: Their Fascinating Role in Local History: David Hawke

                                                              (Couchiching Conservancy)

Tuesday, May 15th 2018                   Edibles In An Urban Landscape : Steven Biggs

Tuesday, June 19th 2018             Container Gardening : Anna Leggatt

Tuesday, July 17th 2018               Raising Monarch Butterflies: Carol Pasternak

Tuesday, Aug 21st 2018               Workshops (no speaker)

Tuesday, Sept 18th 2018               Garlic: Bulbs of Fire: Bart Nagel

Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018                Wild bees: Diversity and Pollination in parks, roof gardens and home gardens too!

                                                         Dr J. Scott MacIvor

Tuesday, Nov 20th 2018               Summer Flowering Bulbs: Dugald Cameron



Tuesday February 21st 2017                   From YOUR Lawn to OUR Lake: Katlyn Young-Chin LSRCA           


Tuesday March 16th 2017                      Let us talk about Gardening: Donna McMaster

Tuesday April 18, 2017:                           Photography for Gardeners with Ross Chevalier

                                                                   Photography competition


Tuesday May 16th 2017                          New and Interesting Perennials: Dawn Golloher

Tuesday June 20th 2017                        B4 Gardening: Sean James

Tuesday July 19th 2017                           Hardy Cacti and Other Succulents: Dave Naylor


Tuesday August 15th  2017                     Celebration of Gardens


Tuesday September 19th 2017               Alpines and scree gardens: Nikola Warnock

Tuesday  October 17th 2017                   Designing with trees and shrubs: Charlie Dobbin

Tuesday November 21st 2017                Shade Gardening  with Ken Brown: also AGM and Awards








Tuesday February 16th 2016                  Orchids in our Tropics: Terry Kennedy


Tuesday March 15th 2016                      Plant me instead: Ontario Invasive Plant Council


Tuesday April 19th 2016                         The three tenors plus one
                                                               Ken  Brown    Also our photography competition 


Tuesday May 17th 2016                         Question and Answer period


Saturday May 28th,2016                         Plant and bake sale


Tuesday June 21st, 2016                        Chelsea flower show:  Gloria Broks

Tuesday July 19th 2016                          The life of bees: James Murray


Tuesday August 16th 2016                    Celebration of gardens


September 2016                                     Old fashioned favourites: James Graham


October 2016                                         Oddities of the plant world : Darren Heimbecker

November 2016                                       AGM: Unusual and underused perennials: Barry Porteus




February 17th 2015                           SECRETS OF FLORAL DESIGN: Mary-Ann Vercammen


March 17th 2015:                              PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE GARDEN: Laura Mills

April 21st 2015                                   GARDENING FROM A HAMMOCK: Dan Cooper


May 19th 2015:                                  ONTARIO NATIVE PLANTS: Paul Laporte


June 16th 2015:                                 THE NEW GARDENER: Carol Dunk


July 21st 2015:                                   FAIRY GARDENS: Judith Rogers


August 18th 2015:                             ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW, CELEBRATION OF GARDENS AND
                                                          SILENT AUCTION


September 15th 2015                        THE KITCHEN TABLE COOKBOOK: 
                                                          Moira Sanders with special guest Elizabeth Baird

October 20th 2015                             PRACTICAL PERENNIALS: Sean James

November 17th 2015                         GARDEN ART FOR CHEAPSKATES: Diane and Gary Westlake





February 18th 2014                           KEUKENHOF GARDENS AND PENSHURST PLACE: 
                                                              A TASTE OF SPRING  Barb Elend and Anne Hill


Tuesday March 18th 2014                 PROUD OF MY PRUNING: Sean James


Tuesday April 15th 2014                    EMERALD ASH BORER   


Tuesday May 20th 2014                    TAMING THE WILDFLOWER:  Miriam Goldberger


Tuesday June 17th                            HOT NEW HOSTAS:  Cindy and Carl Deutekom

Tuesday July 15th 2014                   THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CACTI AND
                                                        SUCCULENTS:  Dave Naylor

Tuesday August 19th 2014              CELEBRATION OF GARDENS: 
                                                         Annual flower show and silent auction 


Tuesday September 16th 2014         MY LUSCIOUS BACKYARD: Sarah Nixon


Tuesday October 21st 2014              LAVENDER LORE: Kate Seaver



February 19th 2013                            GARDENS OF THE ISLANDS AND THE HIGHLANDS: 
                                                          Donna McMaster and Jennifer Walton


March 19th 2013                                WAKING THE GARDEN: getting off to a good start with 
                                                           the garden and the lawn.  Sabrina Selvaggi

April 16th 2013                                   WHAT'S NEW FOR 2013: 
                                                           Shannon Lindensmith from Georgina Gardens        


May 23rd 2013, 7:30pm:                    GROWING ROSES IN A NEW ERA:  Edna Caldwell


Saturday May 25th 2013 10am          SPRING PLANT AND BAKE SALE: 
                                                           Great plants and sweet treats. Great prices


June 18th 2013                                    WATER GARDENS, INCLUDING THOSE IN CONTAINERS
                                                               Nikola Warnock

July 16th 2013,                                  CULINARY HERBS:  Sheila Shillum    


August 20th, 2013:                           CELEBRATION OF GARDENS, ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW AND
                                                          SILENT AUCTION


Saturday September 7th:                 Plant Sale, Sharon Temple


September 17th 2013,                      GARDENS OF ITALY:  Donna Fenice


October 15th 2013:                          NO MORE PETUNIAS - A POTPOURRI OF THE UNIQUE 
                                                         AND UNUSUAL  David Hobson

November 19th 2013:                      Annual General Meeting  DESIGN TWICE, PLANT ONCE 
                                                         Jeff Mason





 Tuesday February 21st 2012             BUGS IN THE GARDEN, speaker Malcolm Geast

 Tuesday March 20th 2012                  FLORAL DESIGN DEMONSTRATION AND AUCTION: 
                                                          Shirley Binns

 Tuesday April 17th 2012                   OUR FAVOURITE GARDENING MISTAKES: 
                                                         Gary and Dianne Westlake

 Tuesday May 15th 2012                    CLEMATIS: Donna McMaster

 Tuesday June 19th 2012                   NO GUFF VEGETABLE GARDENING: Steven Biggs

 Tuesday July17th 2012:                    GARDENING AS THERAPY: Sean Chubbuck.

 Tuesday August 14th 2012:              CELEBRATION OF GARDENS:   

 Tuesday September 18th 2012         PLANT A SPECTACULAR SPRING GARDEN NOW: 
                                                          Dugald Cameron, Gardenimport

 Tuesday October 16th, 2012             SQUIRRELING AWAY FOR WINTER: Moira Sanders

 Tuesday November 20th 2012          GARDEN SEDUCTION, Ken Brown. Also our AGM





March 2011:                                       Success With Trees, Jeff Marrin


April 19th 2011,                                  VERTICAL VEGETABLES: Ken Brown  


May 17th 2011                                    IRISES, FOUR MONTHS OF BLOOM AND BEYOND: 
                                                           Kate Brewitt and Terry Laurin. 


May 28th 2011,                                   SPRING PLANT SALE AND BAKE SALE


Tuesday June 21st 2011,                    PHOTOGRAPHY: Andy McCraw


Tuesday July 19th 2011,                    THE IMPORTANCE OF BEEING:  Cathy Kozma


Tuesday August 16th 2011,               ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW, CELEBRATION OF GARDENS
                                                          RECEPTION AND SILENT AUCTION.


Tuesday September 20th 2011          FLOWERS AND JUSTICE: Rev. David Chisling.   


Tuesday October 18th 2011               Putting the garden to bed: Valerie Liney, Master Gardener. 


Tuesday November 15th 2011            AWARDS NIGHT, ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, BANQUET.

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