Monthly meetings of 2020

We meet at 7:30pm at the Mount Albert Community Centre, Main Street (except where noted). Please join us to learn more about our Society.  

Tuesday, Feb. 18  (7:30-9pm)

Highlights of the 2019 Buffalo Garden Walk
With Valerie Liney

Tuesday, March 17  (7:30-9pm)

Proud of my Pruning
With Sean James

Tuesday, April 21  (7:30-9pm)

Baffin Island 
With Jay and Bev Thibert 

Tuesday, May 19  (7:30-9pm)

Building Biodiversity with Native Plants
With Paul LaPorte 

Flower Show

Saturday, May 23  (10am-noon)

Spring Plant and Bake Sale

Tuesday, June 16  (7:30-9pm)

Dry, our New Normal: Great Plants that live
With Marion Jarvie

Flower Show

Tuesday, July 21  (7:30-9pm)

Picture Perfect - Designing a Perennial Garden
With Carol Ditomaso ​

Flower Show

Tuesday, August 18  (7:30-9pm)

The Evening Garden
With Wolfegang Bonham

Flower Show

Tuesday, September 15  (7:30-9pm)

Garden of Regrets
With Helen Battersby

Flower Show

Tuesday, October 20  (7:00-8:30pm)

Connection Polar Bears to Carrots
With Deborah Pearson

Photography Competion

Tuesday, November 17  (7-9pm)

A Look at the Lighter Side of Gardening
With David Hobson

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