Monthly meetings of 2022

Under normal circumstances we meet at 7:30 pm at Mount Albert Community Centre. However, during the Covid pandemic we are running our meetings online starting at 7:00 pm.   To register for our online meetings, contact us here or send an email to Brenda at  
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Tuesday, Feb. 15  (7:00pm)

Invasive Species in the Garden
With Derissa Vincentini
Fall Foliage

Tuesday, March 15  (7:00pm)

The Garden Doesn't end in August :
Extending Interest in the Garden
With Sean James
Watering the Plants

Tuesday, April 19  (7:00pm)

Fusion Gardening : Low Water, 
Low Maintenance, Low Impact
With Mike Prong 
Birds on Frozen Grass

Tuesday, May 17 (7:00pm)

How to Attract Wild Birds to your Backyard
With Paul Olivier 

Flower Show

Reaching Out


Stay tuned for more details about our

Spring Plant Sale 
Flower Portrait

Tuesday, June 21  (7:00pm)

All About Clematis : Our Loveliest
With Marion Jarvey

Flower Show


Tuesday, July 19

Grasses: Essential Plants for the
New Perennial Garden
With Ingrid Janssen ​

Flower Show

Outdoor Dinner


No meeting this month, see you in September!

Birthday Cake

Tuesday, September 20 

Posies and Tussie-Mussie bouquets -
Joys of the Cutting Garden 
With Michael Erdman

Flower Show


Tuesday, October 18 

Who Speaks for the Trees
With Heather Charles

Photography Competion


Tuesday, November 15 

Growing Cannabis Legally
With Julie Dorssers