Monthly meetings of 2022

Under normal circumstances we meet at 7:30 pm at Mount Albert Community Centre. However, during the Covid pandemic we are running our meetings online starting at 7:00 pm.   To register for our online meetings, contact us here or send an email to Brenda at  
Jumping worms.jpg

Tuesday, Feb. 15  (7:00pm)

Invasive Plants and Jumping Worms
With Derissa Vincentini
Fall Foliage

Tuesday, March 15  (7:00pm)

The Garden Doesn't end in August
With Sean James
Watering the Plants

Tuesday, April 19  (7:00pm)

Fusion Gardening
With Mike Prong 
Birds on Frozen Grass

Tuesday, May 17 (7:00pm)

With Paul Olivier 

Flower Show

Reaching Out


Stay tuned for more details about our

Spring Plant Sale 
Flower Portrait

Tuesday, June 21  (7:00pm)

With Marion Jarvey

Flower Show


Tuesday, July 19

Grasses: Essential Plants for the
New Perennial Garden
With Ingrid Janssen ​

Flower Show

Outdoor Dinner


No meeting this month, see you in September!

Birthday Cake

Tuesday, September 20 

Creating a cutting garden and a "posey"
With Michael Erdman

Flower Show


Tuesday, October 18 

Forest and Tree Medecine
With Heather Charles

Photography Competion


Tuesday, November 15 

With Julia Dorssers