Monthly meetings

We meet at 7:30pm at the Mount Albert Community Centre, Main Street (except where noted). Please join us to learn more about our Society.  

Tuesday, Feb. 19  (7:30-9pm)

Movie night, we are watching:
SEED: the untold story
We will have popcorn for you, feel free to come in         your pyjamas.

Tuesday, March 19  (7:30-9pm)

Plants You Have Never Seen Before
With Kim's Nature

Tuesday, April 16  (7:30-9pm)

Raised Bed Revolution: Raised Beds Rule. 
With Tara Nolan

Tuesday, May 21  (7:30-9pm)

Water Gardens
With Anna Leggatt

Flower Show

Saturday, May 25  (10am-12pm)

Spring Plant and Bake Sale

Tuesday, June 18  (7:30-9pm)

Carefree Roses
With Gloria Broks

Flower Show

Tuesday, July 16  (7:30-9pm)

Leaning into stone
With John Shaw-Rimmington​

Flower Show

Tuesday, August 20  (7:30-9pm)

Workshops: topics to be announced

Flower Show

Tuesday, September 17  (7:30-9pm)

Create an Exciting and Intriguing Garden
With Wolfgang Bonham

Flower Show

Tuesday, October 15  (7:30-9pm)

Life of a Bee in the Urban Mosaic                      
With Charlotte de Keyzer
Bee-washing website

**Join us this month at the Mount Albert Lion's Community Center, 

5057 Mt Albert Rd, in Mount Albert**

Photography Competion

Tuesday, November 19  (7-9pm)

Floral Arrangements for the Holiday Season
With Michael Erdman

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